June 26, 2017

eNCA Technology – Tech News

eNCA Technology – Tech News

Technology – – Latest news updates from around Africa

eNCA is South Africa’s most trusted independent TV and online news brand. It launched on June 1st, 2008 to become the country’s first 24-hour television news service.

eNCA | Successful SpaceX launch delivers satellites into orbit

The Falcon 9's first stage returned to Vandenberg Air Force Base in California less than eight minutes after launching.

eNCA | Volkswagen Slovakia workers win wage hike, end strike

Workers launched the strike on Tuesday after management rejected union demands for a 16 percent wage hike, offering an eight percent rise instead.

eNCA | The prize-winning tech helping Ghana's farmers to grow

The initiative was established in 2012 and has so far helped connect some 200,000 farmers in 10 countries using the mobile technology.

eNCA | Online news is highly polarised in some countries but technology is not to blame

Under-35s have a particularly strong preference for online news, but the medium remains poorly understood. CONVERSATION AFRICA.

eNCA | Poland approves restrictions on morning after pill

The new restrictions were pushed through in May by Poland's ruling rightwing Law and Justice (PiS) party, with which Duda is closely allied.

eNCA | Facebook launches campaign to fight online extremism

Facebook said it would seek to educate charities and other organisations on how to fight hate speech, in the wake of recent terror attacks in Belgium, Britain and France.

eNCA | Snapchat makes it easier to stalk friends with 'Snap Map'

The Snap Map is accessed by pinching the screen to zoom out, and adds another layer to Snap's already complex interface.

eNCA | Google Doodle lets you create calming musical animations

The German-American was notable for his abstract musical animations long before computer graphics and the concept of music videos came into play.

eNCA | Bolivian glacier samples ready for global ice archives

The international ICE Memory project team braved low oxygen and bitter, ice-cold wind to drill deep into the glacier and pull out two cylinders of ice.

eNCA | Europe's Galileo satnav system gets new orbiters

"Europe's Galileo navigation constellation will gain an additional eight satellites, bringing it to completion," the ESA said in a statement.

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