May 26, 2017



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South Africa’s Biggest Community – and – Wine – Reviews and Blogs | Baked mushroom meatballs

With tomatoes, smoked paprika, and sour cream. | Oat and seed breakfast muffins

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and that special day to spoil mom and say thank you. Make sure that she knows you are grateful for everything she does for you by baking these delicious, healthy and easy to make muffins. Serve warm with a cup of tea or coffee in bed. | Mussels with leeks and bacon

A delicious starter recipe from Chef Giles at the newly opened La Tête. | Toasted marshmallow Easter egg ice cream

Decadently creamy ice cream with marshmallow bits. | Cauliflower crust pizza with mushrooms and feta

A delicious pizza with low carb base. | Low-GI chocolate brownies

Packed with fibre and vitamins, making these brownies super-healthy as well as delicious. | Mixed-mushroom egg roll

With a wasabi-ginger dipping sauce. | Salted caramel toffee chunk ice cream

Over-the-top salted caramel decadence. | Butterkuchen, grilled nectarine, labneh and dukkah

The dessert shines in its simplicity and use of summer’s bounty of stone fruit. | Gluten-free cashew nut brownies

Dianne Bibby takes on food24's mystery box challenge! | Spicy baked eggs with oat flapjacks

Recipe by Zola Nene. | Hot-chocolate balls

These little chocolate balls are perfect for making hot chocolate. Simply pop one into half a cup of warm milk and stir!

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