July 20, 2017



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Food24.com | No-bake gluten-free chocolate mousse tart

A light and creamy no-bake chocolate tart that's low in carbs and refined sugar but so high in decadent deliciousness that your guests will never know!

Food24.com | Double glazed apple fritter donuts

Stuffed with apple and double-dipped in vanilla cream glaze, these apple fritter donuts are rather special.

Food24.com | Chinese mandarin chicken tray bake

Chicken glazed with honey, soy sauce and red chilli flakes.

Food24.com | Gateau invisible

The cake is clearly not invisible but rather refers to the all the layers of fruit with hardly any cake batter holding it all together, ending with a cake of just layers upon layers of apples.

Food24.com | Turnip tagliatelle with chicken and herb sauce

In this recipe, tasty turnip noodles boost the vegetable component of the meal and yoghurt serves as a nutritious alternative in this twist on classic creamy carbonara

Food24.com | Beetroot crisps

If you are wanting to make your own healthy snacks (and also have full control over the ingredients), and you don't mind pink fingers for a few hours then this is the recipe for you!

Food24.com | Crème caramel

A velvety smooth, creamy custard and sweet hit of slightly bitter caramel.

Food24.com | Biscuit cone chocolate freakshakes

A drool-worthy biscuit cone freakshake with a chocolatey, orange and hazelnut filling.

Food24.com | Salted caramel chocolate frozen parfait

This frozen delight includes matcha donuts, red wine and mixed berry Nutella sauce.

Food24.com | Chocolate, honey and hazelnut fridge fudge

This fudge recipe is almost impossible to mess up so and it also has the added benefit of being free from refined sugar.

Food24.com | Boozy chocolate coffee puddings

A rich, sticky self saucing pudding.

Food24.com | Potato gnocchi bake with bacon and sage

A moreish baked dish that will have your family coming back for seconds.

Food24.com | Chocolate and pecan nut marshmallowy nougat

Who knew making marshmallowy nougat was this easy! Kids will love helping you out with making this treat.

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