July 20, 2017



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Health24.com | How just a few extra kilos can ruin your health

Adult weight gain is not a benign condition, and experts recommend monitoring one's weight on a regular basis, especially during life transitions.

Health24.com | Only 3% of people can get a perfect score on this health quiz. Can you?

It's time for our weekly health challenge. Find out how much you know.

Health24.com | Medical scheme myths

How many of these medical scheme myths do you believe? Get the truth here.

Health24.com | More than half of people with HIV now on antiretrovirals

The latest UNAIDS report notes that as of 2016, 19.5 million people were on antiretroviral treatment (ART), up from 17.1 million in 2015.

Health24.com | How to create your own quit-smoking plan

Change the habits that foster your tobacco use and it will be easier to quit smoking for good.

Health24.com | DIY skin care: Exfoliation

Helping your skin with its natural exfoliation process can do wonders for its function and appearance. Have you discovered the boon of superficial exfoliators yet?

Health24.com | Here’s how sinusitis can lead to brain swelling

Sinusitis is more than just having a cold and feeling snotty. In extreme cases it can lead to brain swelling and death.

Health24.com | What to do if you find drug syringes in public

Syringes left by drug users are turning up everywhere and could be dangerous if stepped on or handled by especially children.

Health24.com | Constant junk food cravings? Just get more sleep!

A study found that when workers have a good night's sleep, they tend to eat better when experiencing stress the next day.

Health24.com | 3 ways to prevent skin cancer during winter

The sun is not as strong in winter, but this doesn't decrease your chances of developing skin cancer.

Health24.com | Physically inactive teens have weaker skeletons

A new study found that after teens reach their full height, they still grow a further 10% bone mass.

Health24.com | Social interaction can improve lives of dementia patients

A British study has found that social interaction and improved staff training benefits patients, while cutting costs.

Health24.com | Lower back injuries plague 30% of athletes

Athletes are at risk for problems involving their back bones and discs, particularly if they start intense training regimens.

Health24.com | Doctors find 27 contact lenses in woman's eye

Doctors intending to perform cataract surgery on a 67-year-old woman in Britain found something unexpected, 27 contact lenses in one eye.

Health24.com | 5 contact lens horror stories that will make you squirm

From 27 lenses in one eye to a ripped cornea... these stories are guaranteed to shock you into practising better contact lens hygiene.

Health24.com | SEE: Do you have a headache or a migraine?

Just because your headache is excruciating doesn’t mean it’s a migraine. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Health24.com | Head injuries in sport may cause up to 7% decrease in thinking skills

Researchers have found that boxers and mixed martial arts fighters have higher levels of certain brain proteins that reflect brain injury.

Health24.com | SEE: Why people are freaking out about pictures of holes

For trypophobes, the sight of clusters of holes arranged in different formations can cause intense psychological or even physical reactions.

Health24.com | Your child's health: what you should be tracking

Are you sure you know all the health milestones you should be tracking?

Health24.com | This is why you must take annual leave

Avoid burnout and use your annual leave to get some well-deserved rest. Your body and mind will thank you.

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