July 20, 2017

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US weekly jobless claims fall to near five-month low

Weekly jobless claims fall 15 000.

Five things you need to know on Thursday

Decision day at the ECB, China-US relations turn frosty, and France wants Britain to pay up. 

Five things you need to know on Wednesday

New threat to Obamacare, ECB said to look at QE options, and oil has new demand problem. 

Five things you need to know on Tuesday

The healthcare bill doesn't make it, UK inflation surprises, and cracks appear in Opec's deal to cut output. 

London new home starts surge 42% as builders ignore Brexit woes

Total number of unsold homes under construction reaches record.

Five things you need to know on Monday

Robust Chinese growth boosts markets, Americans feel better about the economy than about the president, and the second round of Brexit talks begin. 

Five of the most interesting ideas of the week

It’s getting bad for Wall Street traders, bitcoin nears a meltdown and there’s a new type of airline rewards programme.

Five things you need to know on Friday

All eyes are on US inflation data, banks kick off earnings season, and the UK capitulates over its Brexit bill. 

Solar eclipse could wipe out 9,000 megawatts of power supplies

Rare eclipse to cast shadow across 70-mile-wide corridor of US.

‘Please help’: ATM spits out weird notes

An ATM repairman shouted and passed notes begging for help through the machine's receipt slot.

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