May 26, 2017

SowetanLive – Good Life

SowetanLive – Good Life

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South African kids slack in exercise and nutrition

When it comes to running‚ jumping and climbing trees South African children score a big fat C.

Retailers urged to follow Woolworths’ lead and remove sweets from checkout points

The department has urged retailers to follow Woolworths’ lead and remove sweet treats from their checkout points‚ saying consumers need all the help they can get to make healthier food choices.

Telethon to raise funds for the Children’s Haematology Oncology Clinic (CHOC)

TV show Expresso will tomorrow morning host a telethon to raise funds to alleviate some of the financial pressure for young cancer patients and their families.

Lions rule again in Zululand game reserve

The King of the Beasts has returned to rule over an old cattle and game ranch in KwaZulu-Natal which local land claimants chose to convert into a Big Five game reserve.

Which countries have the best healthcare?

Neither Canada nor Japan cracked the top 10, and the United States finished a dismal 35th, according to a much anticipated ranking of healthcare quality in 195 countries, released Friday.

Kruger Park malaria warning

Kruger National Park has warned visitors that malaria seems to be on the brink of an outbreak despite the winter season.

Gin for the win: A Joburg brewer's gin has taken over the world

Her handcrafted gin‚ infused with a smattering of African botanicals used in traditional healing‚ has won a Johannesburg gin maker four international awards.

How bad advice about workplace bullying keeps getting passed on

Fight or flight? People who get bullied in the workplace tend to get bad advice on how to react‚ yet they pass it on to other targets of bullying‚ a small study shows.

Miss Universe producer sues Czech maker of winners' crowns

The producer of the Miss Universe pageant on Tuesday sued the Czech company hired to make the winners' iconic crowns, saying it kept touting its association with the pageant even after it breached its 10-year sponsorship agreement.

Kruger Park roars ahead on most Instagrammed global travel destinations

The Kruger National Park has cracked the nod as one of the most popular tourist destinations to feature on Instagram.

Kids fly free this summer with British Airways

Children under the age of 12 will be able to fly free on select routes with British Airways this summer. 

Two women break the gender mould with Pantsula dancing

Two Soweto women‚ Mudau Dakalani and Leballo Lenela‚ are using their dancing skills to dismantle the gendered nature of a dance which emerged in black townships during Apartheid‚ Pantsula.

Online shopping in SA slowly beginning to take off

Online shopping in South Africa is a nascent industry‚ but one with plenty of room for growth.

Cannabis cosmetics could take your beauty routine to a new high

There are an increasing number of places around the world where it's legal to smoke it, vape it, and eat it in a cookie, but have you ever considered using cannabis-derived beauty products?

Good head of hair better than good sex

Many South African women — aged between 18 and 39 — would much rather have good hair than good sex.

Immerse yourself in elegance: five-star hotel in Rustenburg is like heaven on earth

The invitation to spend a weekend at the Royal Marang Hotel near Rustenburg, North West, came with a whole booklet of information that had nuggets of facts about the history of the Bafokeng nation and the genesis of the hotel.

A journey through craft beer, good food

The craft beer lifestyle is taking the country by storm, with speciality restaurants and pubs opening up everywhere.

Forbes declares The Silo Cape Town's latest‚ greatest hotel

Cape Town’s top hotels are suddenly playing catch-up‚ and that’s according to a woman who should know.

I found sexy pictures when snooping on my boyfriend's phone

I recently found out that my boyfriend keeps sexy pictures of his ex-girlfriend on his cellphone. Yes, I did snoop and searched his phone one day. I found it disturbing and devastating. I don't know how to confront him about it?

If opting for lay-by‚ check that store’s policy is CPA compliant

Lay-by signs are popping up in the windows and at the pay points of many a chain store as struggling retailers embrace the interest-free payment model in a bid to entice consumers with maxed-out credit cards and tainted credit records.

New to running? Five tips to get you going

With the number of marathon participants around the world growing every year, running is clearly an increasingly popular physical fitness activity.

Airline to slap belligerent passengers who delay flights with hefty fines

Fliers who behave badly and cause flight delays will face hefty fines when flying Air India. 

500kg Egyptian sheds half her weight after India surgery

The "world's heaviest woman" has shed half her weight -- around a quarter of a tonne -- in the two months she's been in India for treatment, doctors said.

Peace, quiet just a hop from Jozi

It was raining cats and dogs when I set out for a one night stay at the Bon Hotel Riviera in Vereeniging recently.

Caravanning a cheaper and fun way to see SA

"Where are the other black people?"

How stairs can put a pep in your step at the office

Feeling sleep-deprived and flagging at your computer? Don’t grab (another) cup of coffee or a cooldrink. Instead walk the stairs and get a quick boost.

Antarctic meltwater lakes threaten sea levels: study

Antarctic meltwater lakes are far more common than once thought and could destabilise glaciers, potentially lifting sea levels by metres as global warming sets in, scientists said Wednesday.

HIV stigma still haunts Chatsworth residents‚ study finds

A study conducted by University of KwaZulu-Natal PhD graduate Dr Yogandra Naidoo found that the fear of being discriminated against and stigmatised has made it impossible for HIV/Aids sufferers in the south Durban township to disclose their status and living their lives.

Sex positions to fast track conception

There are many aspects that go into a couple conceiving a child.

Creativity, a mating boost for the unattractive male

In the ruthless world of the mating game, plain-looking men instinctively know that being funny, smart or poetic helps to compensate for a less-than-stellar exterior.

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